Become A Driver

Become A Driver

Become A Driver

Driving For Uber And Lyft Sucks. Imagine The weekly Mileage On Your Car, Driving Crazy Hours and making Peanuts.Make More Money Driving For Taxi Cab Companies That Partners With Ridey, Make Up to $35 Per Hour Plus Tips. Your Car Will Be Covered With Liability or Full Coverage Commercial Insurance.

Requirements to Become a RIDEY Drive

Thanks for your interest in joining our vibrant RIDEY driver community! To become a RIDEY driver, all applicants and their vehicle must meet the following requirements. Please Note That States and/or City Local Laws Supersedes Ridey Requirements.

Age requirements

You must be at least 21 years old* with an active U.S. driver’s license for at least 3 years. to apply to be a RIDEY driver. * You can create a passenger account at 18.You must be licensed to drive for at least a year prior to applying. There are some cases where you may see an error message on your application regarding your driving history — if your license was recently reissued, or your state does not provide the issue date.

Driving record check and background check

Every potential driver is required to undergo both a driving record check and a criminal background check. RIDEY reviews the results of the checks and disqualifies individuals who fail to meet the standards set by both RIDEY and local regulations.

DMV Check

RIDEY uses a third party to check every potential driver’s driving record. You are ineligible to drive on the RIDEY platform if any of the below are found on your driving record:

-More than three moving violations in the past three years (e.g. accidents, traffic light violations)

-A major moving violation in the past three years (e.g., driving on a suspended license, reckless driving)

-A DUI or other drug-related driving violation in the last seven years

-Any driving-related convictions in the last seven years (e.g. hit-and-run, felonies involving a vehicle)

Background check

Every driver is screened for criminal offenses and driving incidents. RIDEY’S criminal background check is provided by a third party and includes national and county-level databases, and when necessary, local courthouse record checks. You will be ineligible to drive on the RIDEY platform if, among other things, the background checks results reveal convictions for any of the following in the past seven years:

-A violent crime

-A felony

-A drug-related offense

-A sexual offense

-Certain theft or property damage offenses


If you do not pass your background check, you’ll receive a copy via email and instructions for how to contest the results.

Driver’s license, license plates and insurance

-Current and valid driver’s license

-Valid plates with current registration (commercial plates are acceptable)

-Taxi Cab Companies Will  Have You On their Commercial Insurance Policy If Required


Current smart phone

You must have a smart phone in order to drive on the RIDEY platform. Since the app requires a cellular connection, we do not support tablets or Wi-Fi-only devices, such as iPads.Current app requirements are for Android devices running 4.0+. For Dispatch Purpose